Parishioner Profiles: Maggie Ohnesorge

Have you seen the new classroom furniture in our Kindergarten classroom?

Home & School is responsible for numerous improvements to the classrooms at the School of Saint Mary.

Maggie Ohnesorge is a leader in Home & School, a parent-led organization that provides support to School of Saint Mary students, faculty, and administration through the coordination of programs and activities to strengthen educational opportunities and foster fellowship within our school community. Maggie is heading up Home & School’s Scrip fundraising program.



What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program that allows supporters to buy gift cards to hundreds of different retailers and earn a percentage of that purchase for their organization. For example, a parishioner can buy an Old Navy gift card for $50. The card is worth that whole $50, and Home & School earns $7 because Old Navy carries a 14% rebate. Rebate percentages vary greatly, but every single purchase helps!


How did you get involved?

I think I was asked to take over the Scrip coordinator position because I started speaking up about ideas that may help our Scrip program grow. I have a sister with kids at a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and their program is very different. I like to look at the different aspects and think which way might work best for the Church of Saint Mary. I’m hoping to eventually use Scrip to offset the cost of tuition for families that actively participate in the program.


Scrip funds Home & School. How does Home & School spend the proceeds?

Scrip rebates aren’t designated for any specific project, but they go into our main account that funds too many things to list. We are able to fulfill teacher grants for things like supplies and learning opportunities. We host Catholic Schools Week, Trunk or Treat for the entire parish, and use money for social justice projects.


What do you get out of being part of Home & School – and more specifically, Scrip?

This involvement with Home & School has opened my eyes to how many hands are working hard behind the scenes for the Church of Saint Mary. I love that there are so many different committees and varying levels of involvement, so every family can contribute if they want. By taking over for Scrip I’ve personally benefited from the generosity of several women who have shared their time and advice with me. It really does feel like we’re on one big team trying to create the best environment for our kids and their teachers.

I love that Scrip is a fundraiser that only sells what everyone could use every single day. We all buy groceries, shop online, and eat at restaurants. By using a bit of forethought and a little effort, it really is an easy way to financially support our parish school without having to actually give money.



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