In Memoriam 2019

      In Memoriam 2019


A Church of Saint Mary tradition is remembering the names of parishioners and loved ones who died in the past year. The reading of the names takes place on the Sunday following All Souls Day.

Let us keep them in our prayers.

Barbara Allen

William Barnes

Michael Bender

Dora Blocker

Eleanor Bova

Lester Boyle

Calvin Carpenter

Marjorie Coggins

Diane Davis

Jack Farrell

James Flynn

John Fowler

Gerry Gabel

Margaret Guckes

James Hahn

Michael Harveth

Michael Hughes

Elizabeth Kilbride

Dorothy Koliha

Nancy Mackey

Thomas Maloney

Martina Mannas

Pauline Monroe

Euseba Morales

Eugene Noble

Mary Polak

Dorothy Ruskoski

Doyle Taylor

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