Building Update: Design Development concludes soon

by Matt Bendel, parish representative

The “Design Development” (DD) phase is scheduled to be complete at the end of September. Throughout the DD phase, the following accomplishments have taken place and are also ongoing:

  1. The architectural, structural, civil (including the site utilities), mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design has been revised and is progressing to reflect the overall changes to the Community Center design (change from a 2-story structure to a 1-story structure).
  2. The kitchen design (layout and kitchen equipment selection) has continued to progress and is nearly complete.
  3. Interior finish options have been reviewed and selections will be completed this week.
  4. The design of the future audio/visual components has begun.
  5. The design of the future Outreach space is progressing and is approaching completion.
  6. The landscape design has evolved to reflect the design changes of the new Community Center and the west entry to the Sanctuary. Options are currently being reviewed.
  7. The architect and contractor are working together closely to ensure the design elements being selected are in-line with the budget.

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