Breaking Ground: What are the next steps?

by Matt Bendel

There are SO MANY factors beyond our control that could affect the start date of construction of the new Community Center. That being said, we are conservatively shooting for a start date after Memorial Day or the first of June (for the COMMUNITY CENTER). Of course that date will only be achievable if the following items are achieved within the next few months:

  1. multiple utility relocations are completed and existing lines are abandoned
  2. all IDP work is complete (ties together with the item above)
  3. the Board of Adjustment grants the necessary special exceptions for the existing (2) lots located in the future Community Center footprint (during the next Board of Adjustment meeting on April 21st)
  4. Nabholz’ final Community Center cost comes within COSM’s budget and the GMP (“Guaranteed Maximum Price”) is accepted by COSM
  5. Building permit issuance from the City of Tulsa

There are many other requirements not included in the list above, but these are the most important items.

**I should also mention that it is still largely unknown how the ever-changing requirements / precautions for the COVID-19 virus will affect the project schedule, cost, material availability, labor availability, etc. It may affect us drastically or not at all, so to provide or publish a start date would not be a good idea at the moment.

Over the next few months, we expect to see some movement with the utility relocations, permitting, and zoning. Also, the 100% construction documents are being finalized this week which will allow the following steps to begin:

  1. the Construction Manager can begin the bidding process
  2. the building permit application can be submitted to the City of Tulsa so that lengthy review period can start

As we discussed previously, the Narthex interior renovation project will probably begin FIRST since the pre-construction requirement(s) for this area is a BUILDING PERMIT only. I don’t expect a lengthy permit review process for this work either (4-5 weeks which is as quick as the COT has been moving recently) due to the nature of the work taking place.

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  • March 28, 2020 at 1:06 am

    Not sure what IDP, COSM and COT stand for. Were these terms in a previous communication that I missed?


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