Young Adults are ‘Slack’ing

Slack is a realtime community messaging app that has been exploding in popularity!

Communication is key in a ministry such as this. Slack gives us the ability to separate topics into Channels, have direct or group messages with individuals, and thread a conversation within a channel so no one has to dig through reply alls.

Slack is available through a mobile app or right in a web browser. Everyone can customize which Channels they’re in, what kind of notifications they get, and set a default ‘away’ time so your phone won’t go off late at night.

We use a completely free version as huge companies like eBay, Times, Pandora and Buzzfeed pay for more features through Slack’s enterprise level.

To join our Slack team, you have to be invited by someone on our Core Team. If you’re ready to jump in, just fill out the form below and I’ll get you the invite.


For more information about Slack, visit their website

For more information about Young Adult Ministry, contact Jake Szoeke



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