Year of Service: We’re Halfway Done


How will you thank God for the gift of love He has given to you?

Our parish year of service began in October by highlighting Mary, the perfect model of faith and service. In subsequent months we chose biblical characters who modeled various traits of a good servant:  Samuel, to represent responsiveness to God’s call; Joseph of Arimathea in giving his tomb as Jesus’ burial place, to model generosity; the Twelve Disciples, to represent sacrifices that all disciples are called to imitate; and Esther, to model the trait of courage that God requires of those who want to serve Him.

At this halfway point we can reflect on how well we have been living the traits of a disciple. Have we been challenging ourselves to serve others? Have we taken time to reflect on the traits of God’s servants and to apply them to our lives? Have we explored some of the many educational resources available on

Lent marks the halfway point in our Year of Service. This Lenten season, in addition to inspiring us to serve the Lord by serving others, we hope you will extend your understanding of service to include an opening of your hearts to Christ through the gifts of the church which lead us deeper into holiness. By including traditional Catholic practices of confession, Eucharistic adoration, Holy Communion, penance, sacrifice and prayer we can strive to discern God’s will and therefore serve the Lord and others more effectively.

As we seek to serve others, let us also seek to “serve the Lord with gladness” (Psalm 100:2) and “serve him with all our heart and soul” (Deuteronomy 11:13).

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