Parishioner Profile: Rectory Kitchen remodelers

Several months ago, Father Jack hosted a Scotch & Beef dinner for a household that won the auction at last year’s MaryFair. Three families – the Benders, the Daileys, and the Tanners – agreed to prepare the meal while Father Jack entertained the guests. The meal was delightful.

Father Jack and Father Duy are generous with their home. They see the Rectory not only as their home, but as entertaining space for the parish. They often invite parish groups to their home: not only MaryFair auction winners, but newcomers to the parish, ministries and councils. Like any home, the kitchen is the hub of activity. The Rectory kitchen and its appliances are not aging gracefully.

A group of parishioners – led by the Benders, Daileys, and Tanners – are working to modernize and remodel the Rectory Kitchen so that the house remains a hospitable and welcoming space.


Pam Tanner is one of the catalysts for the project

“Jane [Bender] and I got it started after the MaryFair Scotch & Beef dinner. We realized that the kitchen needed work,” said Pam recalling the evening when she decided to recruit donors to fund the modernization.

Pam and Jane enlisted the help of Michael Tanner. Pam said, “Michael has been the general contractor and the coordinator of it all.

“While Father Jack was hesitant at first, the group persuaded him. We convinced him that sooner rather than later it needed to be done. It’s not just for him; it’s for the whole community.”


Recycling the old fixtures

Pam worked with Jack Crews and Alan Sylvester of the parish Home Improvement Ministry. Pam said, “We contacted Jack and Alan. They agreed that the work needed to be done.”

The Home Improvement Ministry team contacted Habitat for Humanity to see if they could reuse any of the old fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and floor tiles. The Habitat for Humanity crew helped in the careful demolition of the kitchen.


Parishioners give generously

Saint Mary parishioners have been blessed with abundant gifts and they respond to God with great gratitude. Thirty-seven donors funded the project. Dozens of others will contribute their time or their connections to complete the project.

Pam reflected, “It’s amazing how open and willing parishioners have been. They genuinely want to help; they saw the need and wanted to help.”


Updated information on the remodel project is on and the parish’s social media outlets: and

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