Our $1 Million Challenge

A generous, anonymous donor to the Church of Saint Mary’s With Arms Open Wide capital campaign has offered the parish a two-part challenge that, if the parish meets the requirements of both parts, will be worth $1 million. This is a special opportunity to turn what has already been a successful campaign into a project that truly has parishwide support.

Part 1: Donation match

Going forward, the parish will earn up to $500,000 through the donor’s match of new gifts

  • The first $1,000 of a gift or pledge is matched 100 percent
  • All amounts above $1,000 are matched 50 percent
  • The cumulative match is capped at $500,000

Part 2: Participation reward

The donor also will give the Church of Saint Mary up to $500,000 based on the total number of households making a gift or pledge of $100 or more. The gift increases as higher participation levels are reached:

Total of 300 donors: $50,000
400 donors: $50,000
450 donors: $50,000
500 donors: $100,000
550 donors: $100,000
600 donors: $150,000
TOTAL: $500,000

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