One Day Parish Wide Co-Ed Softball Tournament

Update from Esther:
I need at least 15-20 more people for the tournament. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before. This is for fun and community building. Age 18 and up are welcome. Any grown children home on break? Come join! It’s going to be a fun day!
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by Esther Loustaunau, Young Adults Ministry Coordinator


Church of Saint Mary is having a One Day Parish Wide Co-Ed Softball Tournament.

The goal is to have 8 teams with no less then 10 people per team; 5 men/ 5 women if possible. We have invited several of our parish ministries to form a team. Teams can me mixed ministries as well. Don’t worry if you are not on a ministry; all parishioners are welcome. Age limit is 18 and up to be on a team.

Tentative date is Saturday, July 13th.  Tournament will begin by 7:00 or 7:30 a.m. We will be using the parish base ball field, (we are trying to reserve) Henthorne park to the North of our field. This is a double elimination tournament.

  1. Co-ed team of at least 10 players no more that 5 male players on the field at any time.
  2. Batting order – male players may not bat back to back (M-F-M-F … etc can have females bat back to back (M-F-F-M-F-M etc assumes more females than males on a team)
  3. Game time limit is 50 minutes
  4. Run rule – if a team leads by more than 10 runs then at bat is over.  Opponent has one at bat to try to reduce the deficit below 10 runs.  If they fail then the game is over.
  5. Only one home run allowed per inning.  After the 1st home run (either over the fence or inside the park) the batter is held at 2nd base.
  6. Safety base or line at first base and at home plate.
  7. Play at home plate similar to play at 1st base – defender catches the ball and steps on home plate before the run crosses the safety line then the runner is out
  8. No sliding allowed.


Help Wanted

We will also need umpires (2 per game), score keepers, ice chests (some with just ice, some with water bottles & ice), a few medical professionals in case of injury, any tarps you may have to set up over the players (to create a dug out for them to sit under), any softball equipment you may have, and of course, plenty of cheerleaders!

We already have several people signed up.

Let me know if you would like to form a team!

I will need your rosters by the end of the month please (June 30th)

Esther Loustaunau   918-845-1001
or Deacon Bender

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