New Kneeler Mechanisms and Final Clean Up

Our tile-layers are finishing their work. They are making sure the trim looks crisp and perfect. They are also polishing the surface of the tiles so that they look their best.

Here’s a below and after set of photos showing the difference between the carpet and tile.

Another project in the church involves our kneelers. At some time in our lives, we’ve all dropped a kneeler during Mass. It landed on the floor with a reverberating thud. It’s a little embarrassing, and perhaps a bit distracting.

Other times, we’ve watched a young child slip a toe under the kneeler as it comes down. The child cries; the parent feels awful, and we all wonder if there a better way.

Our pews are going to be fit with a mechanism that prevents the thuds. It’s possible to raise and lower each pew with one finger. Currently, only one kneeler is equipped. We are waiting on a shipment of the rest


Watch the video to see it in action.

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