F.A.Q. about the Capital Campaign

If you have questions about the building project and capital campaign, you’re not alone. Here is a list of frequently asked questions.


What is the overall status of the Community  Center design?

The short answer is that we expect to have something from the architect very soon. The longer answer: We’re in an important, exciting phase. Cyntergy, a local architecture, engineering and construction firm, is working with information that was gathered by Saint Mary through a thorough needs assessment which included four listening sessions, and individual meeting with ministry leaders and staff. These needs, such as for a large social hall with a kitchen and a new space for our outreach ministry, were then tested in January during the planning study conducted by the Steier Group. Cyntergy is now developing the building plan and a conceptual design, including floor plans, renderings and a detailed video.


Will any space be dedicated to a sole purpose or use?

The primary objective is to develop as much of the center as possible for more than one use, even if a space’s primary use is focused on one area, such as with youth ministry. However, a music room will likely be a dedicated space because of the particular needs of the choir – the room should have graduated elevations for seating, along with storage space for valuable musical instruments and sheet music.


What is the plan for the Saint Mary campus, and what is the timeline?

Survey Results

We have completed a planning study, which showed strong support for a capital campaign to build a new Community Center. The new center will include a parish hall with a kitchen for large events and new youth ministry and outreach spaces. The project also will include a new music room. Our architect is working on detailed plans, and we have begun the preparation phase of the campaign. (Stay tuned for how you can help!) The active portion of the campaign, when three-year pledges are requested, will begin this spring and last through early August. The start of construction will depend on how much money is pledged and how soon it comes in, but we hope for a groundbreaking this year.


Why do we need these projects? We already have spaces for all of these things.

Yes, we have been able to “make do” with the spaces we have. Now, we want to “make room.” Make room for more ministries, larger events, expanded outreach and more vibrant youth ministry, to name a few. A Community Center can help us move from worrying about scheduling and logistics to focusing on how each ministry can touch parishioners’ lives and move us along on our faith journey.


Is there a theme for the campaign?

Our campaign theme, “With Arms Open Wide,” expresses a desire to acknowledge the blessing we have in the Church of Saint Mary and to extend our arms in welcome to our growing faith community and our neighborhood community – whether it’s those who are new to the parish, adults and youths who would like to become more active, or those in need.



Why are we conducting a capital campaign?

The reason for a capital campaign is captured by its theme – “With Arms Open Wide” – and the accompanying Marian image of Our Lady of Grace. Our mission as a Catholic parish to bring souls to Christ encourages us to make room for and welcome all who would want to worship and serve here. Our ministries are feeling a space crunch, and the parish priority planning process identified key areas that need attention – areas such as the addition of a larger social hall, a new youth ministry space and outreach space. A planning study found there was tremendous support for the project, and parish leadership decided to move ahead with a campaign.


What is the parish’s financial situation? Will we take on debt because of this campaign?

The parish is debt-free at this time, and there are no plans to incur long-term debt from this project. The pledge period for the campaign will be three years, so it’s likely the parish will take out a short-term loan to begin construction as pledges are redeemed.


What will happen to the regular offertory? Will MaryFair donations be affected?

Any pledge that is made to the “With Arms Open Wide” campaign is meant to be above and beyond what a parishioner is already giving. Regular giving generally is what keeps a parish functioning on a day-to-day basis. A capital campaign is a separate initiative intended to make improvements beyond normal maintenance and repairs. For a homeowner, the equivalent might be paying your monthly electrical bill versus getting a new roof once every 20 years. In the short-term, offertory giving is expected to remain at its current level, with only modest growth likely. In the long term, similar campaigns have led to increases in parish offertory by raising the sights of parishioners and their commitment to the church. We hope MaryFair donations will not suffer because of this campaign.


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