Elbow Grease Inc.

ELBOW GREASE INC. is a new ministry at the Church of Saint Mary. We help older people, disabled people or home bound within our parish who may have need of house keeping services as they relate to bathrooms or kitchens.

Getting on hands and knees, bending over, and climbing ladders to wipe down cabinets can be a struggle since we simply are no longer physically able give these areas of our homes a good scrubbing.  Maid services may not be affordable or there might be a safety or trust issue with hiring these services.

Contact Patti Wilson, 417-496-5270 or pattiw0202@gmail.com, or Deacon Rich, 918-749-2561 or dcnrbender@churchofsaintmary.comto learn more or how to sign up for this service. Patti Wilson of our parish is helping mobilize this ministry.

If you are a parishioner who wants to become part of Elbow Grease Inc., press the I’m Interested button.


If you are requesting a cleaning from Elbow Grease Inc,. please complete this form:

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