2016 Commitment Cards

How do we thank God for His gifts of love?    What is our response to God?

Every year, the Church of Saint Mary invites all parishioners to complete commitment cards indicating how they wish to give back to God in the coming year. Many parishioners completed cards in early December.

Some parishioners asked for an online way to make their commitments. If you wish to see some suggestions, click on the + beside Hospitality, Prayer, Formation, or Service.

  • Being friendly and helpful to those around me
  • Introducing myself to others I don’t know
  • Accompanying those who need directions to find the room or item they are seeking
  • Sharing information about our parish and activities
  • Exhibiting consideration for other at Mass by assuming a quiet and reverent attitude
  • Making room for others in the pews
  • Responding quickly to those in need
  • Inviting others to attend Mass and church activities
  • Contributing directly to needs that arise within our community
  • Sharing my resources to help parishioners in need
  • Praying for at least ten minutes daily
  • Praying grace before meals
  • Attending Eucharistic adoration at least one time per month
  • Saying the Rosary weekly
  • Reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet weekly
  • Joining a prayer group
  • Practicing Lectio Divine
  • Reading the Daily Mass devotionals
  • Reading the Bible daily
  • Praying for others
  • Reading Bible verses and studying the footnotes that explain the verses
  • Taking a class on a faith topic and joining in the discussion
  • Viewing content of FORMED.org
  • Listening to radio or TV programs which explain our Catholic Faith
  • Joining a faith-sharing small group
  • Sharing information about religious topics with my family
  • Reading Bible stories to my children
  • Attending a religious retreat
  • Joining a book study group
  • Sharing my faith story with others
  • Participating in the Saint Mary Day of Service
  • Serving on committees and work groups within the church
  • Using my talents to help build up the church community
  • Contributing to various ministries within the church where I can make a difference
  • Visiting those who are sick or infirm
  • Volunteering to help members in need within our community
  • Writing letters of support
  • Contributing to the social justice ministry to help those in the broader community
  • Participating in the foreign mission drives

Commitment Card:

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