Sacramental Preparation

Parents have shared the gift of human life with their children and, through Baptism, have enriched them with a share in God’s own life. They have the duty to nourish it. Catechesis for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and of the Eucharist is provided in the 2nd Grade of elementary schooling. Parents, guided by the Director of Children’s Ministry in alignment with the pastor, participate in sacramental catechetical programs for their young children.

 Program Description:

At the Church of Saint Mary, our Sacramental Preparation Program for Reconciliation and Holy Communion supports the parents as the first person to form their children. These Sacramental Preparation programs encourage parents to embrace their role as the primary teacher of the faith.  The catechists help the parents to understand this as their role, and assist and encourage the parents so that they can do it effectively.

At the same time, most parents receive some help in learning more about their faith.  Many may not have had any kind of faith formation since they were children.  The programs help the parent to understand and relate their lived experience of faith in order to pass it on to their child.  Simple goals and suggested activities are tools that enable parents to pass on their faith, and give parents ideas of where and how to start.

Educational resources help parents by helping them learn where to find answers for particular situations. Sometimes that “resource” may be a staff member or volunteer catechist at the parish.  Online resources or book suggestions are given to supplement the lesson being taught.

Finally, parents really benefit from a supportive community of other parents and guardians.  Parents coach each other: sharing ideas, brainstorming, and giving each other encouragement.

Requirements for First Reconciliation & First Communion:

  • As a general rule, children celebrate the Sacraments during the 2nd grade
  • Older children who missed the Sacraments in the 2nd grade are invited to participate
  • Child must be baptized Catholic. Copy of Certificate of Baptism is required if not Baptized at the Church of Saint Mary to enroll in the Sacramental Preparation Program.
  • Child must celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving First Communion, per the guidelines of the Diocese of Tulsa
  • Child and family must be attending Mass regularly
  • Child’s family must be registered parishioners of the Church of Saint Mary or attending the School of Saint Mary (if you belong to another parish, written permission from the pastor to participate in our program is required).
  • Child must have had at least one year of formal Religious Education in a parish RE program, school program or formal homeschool program before beginning Sacramental Preparation
  • If child has not had any prior, formal Religious Education, the child should be enrolled in a first grade Religion class and delay the Sacrament until next year
  • Child must currently be enrolled in and attending a 2nd grade or higher religion class, either in a Catholic school or in the parish Religious Education program as well as the Sacramental Preparation classes.
  • Child and parent must together attend 6 Sacramental Preparation sessions for each Sacrament (Reconciliation and Communion).
  • In addition, child must attend a retreat day prior to each Sacrament. These retreats will be held at the Church of Saint Mary and will be parent-directed under the leadership of the program director
  • Only two absences from class are allowed for each Sacrament (lessons are made up at home for absences)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jane Bender, Director of Children’s Sacramental Preparation

918.749.2561 x123

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