Sacramental Preparation Registration

Sacramental Preparation:
First Confession, First Communion, & Confirmation

Registration for Sacramental Prep classes at the Church of Saint Mary is a two-part process. You must complete Part 1 and Part 2 before your registration is complete.

SacPrepRegisterHerePart 1 is the registration and payment for classes.
SacPrepMedicalFormPart 2 is completing the medical form for your child(ren).  Please make sure to save the downloaded Part 2 PDF before completing it. Then, save the Part 2 downloaded PDF again before emailing the completed form to:
SacPrepHelpIf this is your first time registering, please press the HELP button for detailed instructions. If you need verbal assistance with this process, please call Kelley 918.749.2561.

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